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Limitless Rolling Papers in a Paper Less World

Do you know what this is? Dunder Splifflin, Inc. is not like the big box brand rolling paper companies. We thrive on great customer service and great products. We've got an array of hilarious products guaranteed to get a laugh, smile, chuckle, thank you, and more from whoever is on the receiving end!

Don't Tell Dwight

Michael Scott Rolling Paper Company, Inc Rolling Papers

A competitor was formed but after some shrewd negotiations we bought them

Dwight Dabber

We can't leave our dabbing family out of the fun so we made something just for you guys

Dunder Splifflin, Inc Rolling Papers

Perfect for rolling up some Caprese Salad!


So cute! It is the perfect size and the quality is so nice!! It’s my newest “best purchase ever” item


Love it! Bought as a gift for my friend that’s obsessed with the office and he loves it just as much as I do!


I'm obsessed with The Office, so you know I had to pick these up. These are amazing. 


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